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Lose Weight
Build Positive Relationships
Get control of your eating habits
Learn how to find a little balance in your life

Uplift 28 Day Challenge

Want to lose 4-10 pounds in 4 weeks?  Are you able to rise up to the challenge of following a meal and fitness plan? Are you already in good shape and just need a kick start?!  Are you new to meal planning and feel lost when it comes to eating healthy?  The Uplift The Uplift 28 Day Challenge is the solution to lean out for the summer season or a special event.  I am sharing elements of my Fitness Competition Training Program and Uplifting it to apply for the everyday modern woman.

This system uplifts you with a unique detox and dance fitness program.  You will receive a meal plans that use minimal dairy and are gluten free.  Meal plans are effective for weight loss as they minimize the amount of time and energy that goes into planning your own meals.  There is less stress because you don’t have to count calories or calculate your macro-nutrients.  In addition, meal plans help educate us on balancing foods and portions.  Workout at home with The Uplift Movement!   Tone and trim your body with dance infused movements designed to challenge your body with high intensity intervals so you burn fat during and after the workout.  These are 30 minute workouts that should be done 4-5/per week.  We can work together to customize your fitness and nutrition program.  In addition, you will be automatically enrolled into our private membership Facebook page where you can connect with the uplift movement community, share success, and receive exclusive tips, recipes, and bonus workouts!


UPLIFT LIVING – A Transition Program to create your Ulitmate Fitness Lifestyle

Prerequisites: Must complete 28 Day Challenge

We’re in a new day and age where we’re living with full plates…….literally and figuratively.   Stress is surmounting and staying in control is a daily challenge.   I’m here to help you find your balanced plate.  I believe that the missing link to almost all other weight loss programs is mindset.   It is by developing a purpose driven mindset that we are able to balance our plates.  Together we will address this and plan for your success.

 The goal is simple: lose body fat, get stronger, and live with more energy.  In the process you will:

  • Develop healthy new habits.
  • Lose 4-10 pounds in a healthy way that promotes lifelong weight loss.
  • Build positive relationships with a new uplifting family.
  • Get control of your eating habits.
  • Feel more confident in (and out) of your clothes.
  • Learn how to find balance in your life.

The method:

Continued Ongoing Support and Accountability


  • Weekly Teleseminars
  • Exclusive team member mind/body events
  • Online fitness workouts
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Monthly Consults to plan your Fitness Lifestyle Program & Monthly Fitness Challenge
  • Private Facebook Forum
  • Meal Plan designed to help you lose weight while enjoying foods you love!

 Insight #1 – Only 5% of dieters are successful in keeping weight off. Approximately one-third of weight lost is regained within one year and almost all is regained within three to five years. Diets promote deprivation.  In addition, there is no emotional support to deal with this deprivation.  It’s a recipe for disaster in the form of weight gain! 

There are several ingredients that when combined help give you the recipe for successful weight management.

  • Social support
  • Nutritional Knowledge
  • Life balance
  • Awareness
  • Enjoyable and Challenging Fitness

It is a daily commitment not a quick fix.  Are you ready to make the commitment to live the life you deserve?

Insight #2 – Stress causes weight gain.

There is a strong correlation between stress and food.  As stress goes up so do our cravings for certain foods like sugar, fats, and carbs.  Exhaustion and the need for escape make it inevitable to give into these cravings leaving you sitting in front of the tv with a gallon of ice cream.   More than half of adults report that family responsibilities are a significant source of stress and 55% of employees say that job demands have interfered with responsibilities at home in the past three months. (American Psychological Association, 2009).

The solution is in our mindset and life balance.

Insight #3 – Investing in a weight management program is the best health insurance!

The medical costs for people who are obese are $1,429 higher than those of normal weight. (CDC, 2008) Purchasing weight loss services and programs al la carte is costly.

  • Personal Trainer: $800/month
  • Nutritionist: $800/month
  • Life Coach: $800/month
  • Total: $2,400/month

Training + Nutrition + Coaching = BEST RESULTS!

Monthly Membership $59

“Deirdra’s Transformation Program has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. Over the past eight weeks I have been guided through a well designed and organized individualized program resulting in a healthier, happier me!

SallyLos Angeles