Welcome to The Uplift Movement! I‘m Happy You’re Here

A Value Driven Fitness Lifestyle –  The Uplift Movement: a Personal Power movement that takes a positive approach to challenges with food and fitness providing uplifting opportunities for growth and transformation. 

Uplift, Be Fit, and Dance Through Life! The Uplift Movement includes DVDs, online training, instructor training, and live experiences.  

The Uplift Movement Values:

    • Education
    • Love
    • Authenticity
    • Freedom
    • Community
    • Health

Mission: To deliver value driven fitness lifestyle programs that literally and figuratively uplift women.

Purpose: To Uplift, educate, and empower women so that they achieve their ultimate fitness lifestyle.


  • Commit to the process of learning and we will always make progress in the right direction
  • Consistent healthy behaviors is the key to unlock the fit lifestyle we want to own
  • Connection with others keeps us on track
  • Celebrate success daily whether big or small
  • Challenge ourselves to be our personal best

Description: What makes the Uplift Movement Unique is that it is dance infused, approachable, and value driven.  The Uplift Movement was created to inspire and educate women.  Diet and exercise is not enough.  The Uplift Movement will help synergies your values with your actions. Consistency of these value based actions creates a fit lifestyle.