Fasting For Energy

You mean not eat? Am I crazy? I love food too much!

Isn’t that contradictory to what we’ve been taught about food as fuel?

Energy goes beyond our physical body and includes emotions & thoughts.

I was feeling out of focus and unmotivated. My eating habits started to shift towards mindless snacking and I knew there was discomfort I was avoiding.

This is the 2nd time I’ve ever fasted. What I enjoy about the process is that it challenges me to face discomfort and move through it. This whole process can actually increase positive uplifting vibrations and improves energy.

Fasting doesn’t always have to be about food. It could be anything we attach ourselves to in an unhealthy way so that we don’t feel our emotions. Perhaps a habit we lose ourselves in like drinking alcohol, surfing the Internet, over exercising, or watching TV. It takes a tremendous amount of energy not to feel emotions and this could be a big reason we may feel tired, unmotivated, stuck, or depleted.

When we change the habit that is draining us than we can redirect our energy towards actions that empower us.

I chose to fast on food because my habit tends to use eating as a way to stuff down my feelings. I can use food to avoid my feelings, to distract myself, to fit in, to occupy my time, to reward myself, to hurt myself, and ultimately self sabotage my fullest potential. That’s a whole lot of energy I spend on food throughout the day! That doesn’t even include the standard energy involved in deciding what to eat, where to eat, cooking, who to eat with, and of course digesting what I eat!

I love food and it will always be part of my life.

But what if it wasn’t for a few days? Could I survive?

What would I do?

Who would I be?

What would I discover about myself?

How would I move through life?

To go without reminds me to go within.

Redirecting energy back into the body without the mind allows us to tap into our intuition. One of the reasons I was motivated to do this fast was because it also moves energy in the 3rd Eye Chakra. This is the energy field that promotes intuition and clarity.  The diet associated with this Chakra is fasting.

Have you ever heard the term “Gut feeling.”  A reason we use that phrase is because our intuition is also closely related to Solar Plexus Chakra, which lays in the abdominal cavity. This is the energy field where we hold our Personal Power energy or our “Core Strength.”

Our guts are actually directing us throughout the day to practice our personal power. However, we may struggle to connect because we’re busy in our heads (thoughts, fears, doubts, etc.) and so energy is not vibrating at our fullest potential because we’re not following our internal GPS system.  We keep on getting rerouted, detoured, and distracted.

Fasting has actually connected my “Gut Feeling” with my “Core Strength.” By taking authentic action I raised my vibrations and had more energy.

For example, I would feel a sense of hunger every time I walked into my house during a certain hour of the day (usually between 2-5pm). It was usually around the time I was trying to sit down at my desk and work on a project. The room was dark, stuffy, messy, and hot. The energy was just off.

My sense of hunger was actually a “gut feeling.” My body’s way of reconnecting me with my inner guru. As if telling me, “Hello Deirdra, it’s time to shift things up and nourish your soul.”

Since food wasn’t an option in my fast, I had to find other ways of nourishing myself. This is where I discovered more of who I really was. My authentic self.

I would ask myself questions like, “What am I really feeling at this moment?” “What emotion is coming up and how can I use it to evolve?” “What if I was at peace with this discomfort?” “What else would raise my vibrations?” “Where am I being directed to next?”

Answers came when I tuned into my body and got out of my head. Grounding really helped me. Food is actually very grounding. I realized that is how I would get back into my body typically. I would overeat (snacking, binging, mindless eating) to a point of feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Not the most energy enhancing behavior.

Instead of eating, I had to do something different. I choose to ground myself with nature.

I learned something really powerful.   I need to be outdoors. Fresh air, sunlight, and green grass sparked inspiration and made me feel…..grounded. It was like having an adjustment with a chiropractor. It would completely recalibrate my energy.

This was a shift. I discovered another way to nourish my soul. I tapped into my own power to take care of my spiritual needs.

Every time I nourished my soul, I empowered myself, I raised my vibrations, and I felt energized.

When we can move through discomfort, we realize that we survive. This too shall pass. As we allow that uncomfortable energy to pass through, we boost our “will – power” energy, raising our vibrations, and overall emotional energy. This builds our strength and connection so that when the next time discomfort strikes, we’ll be able to identify it and care for it faster.

This process didn’t happen just because I didn’t eat. I integrated energy healing through self-administer Reiki, colonics, herbal supplements, and meditations. I also spent time listening to spiritual audio books. Lastly, I had a partner. Having support during this process is huge!

During this 5Day insight Journey, I learned to let go of energy drainers and in that process created space for higher vibrations.  My energy is incredible. I was able to teach all my classes (1-2 per day). Plus, I stayed up some nights way past my bedtime. I was so energized and in a zone with creative writing.

Being at peace with discomfort allowed me to redirect my precious energy into areas in my life that I truly value.

Food and Fasting has become a practice and gateway for self-discovery, evolution, and better energy. It’s been a journey of insight for me.

I’m not promoting this for everyone.   I’m simply sharing my story. If you’re considering a food fast, I would highly recommend a medical clearance, as well as a specialist to guide you through the process. I’m also not promoting this as a strategy for weight loss, but more for energetic healing, cleansing, self-discovery, and evolution.

Is there something in your life that is draining your energy?   What would happen if you redirected your energy?   Could a fast help you with insight, clarity, and evolution?

Would you be interested in immersing yourself in a weekends of energy healing, self-discovery, and evolution through fasting?  I’m forming a small group for a local 2-3 day Fasting for Energy Retreat in September.  Email to learn more.

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