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My Food Addiction and Path to Healing

That first bite was a huge release.   I could finally relax… well kind of. I’d been craving nachos for days and managed to keep avoiding them. Finally, I caved in. As quickly as I felt a sense of ease after that first bite, I instantly started to feel frustration, shame, and anger.   That voice in […]

Stop _______ in the Name of Love

“Looking for love is hell. Everyone’s been there. It’s only when you stop looking for love, and you start being a more loving person, that you find love.” – Robert Holden (Loveability) Back in December of 2015, I picked up the book Loveability by Robert Holden. I read it while traveling in magical Tulum (where […]

New Years Message for 2017

I celebrated Christmas in a Meditation ceremony with a Peruvian healer, Gaspar. My intention was to recalibrate for the New Year. I plan on making 2017 incredible and wanted to release any blocks that may be limiting my potential. Since I’ve started my Yoga journey, my relationship with my body and food has improved overall. […]

How to Trust Yourself around Food this Holiday Season

How to Trust Yourself around Food this Holiday Season Fighting holiday weight gain is no joke.   It’s no wonder that every New Year, we’re making a resolution to take off the weight we put on during the holiday season.  Maybe we still have that extra 5-10 pounds from last year and we’re adding on even […]

Are You Resisting Your Own Success?

My dad and I were taking a nice walk in Santa Monica to have dinner at Herringbone on Ocean Ave. They have an awesome Oyster Happy Hour and we’re both Oyster lovers! Along the way, we passed so many new condos that seemed to glitter with the sunset. It slipped out of my mouth, “It’s […]

Can Eating Fast Make you Gain Weight?

I was in shock! The way I eat is making me hold on to fat?! How is that possible? I’m a healthy eater and a foodie too. It was a struggle for many years. Balance. So I decided to learn more by becoming an Eating Psychology Coach where I learned it wasn’t just about what […]

Overcoming Anxiety with Yoga

I couldn’t believe my diagnosis …… The psychiatrist looked at me in the face and said, “I believe it’s in your head.” “What?” I said. I thought to myself. Does he think I’m lying? Is he telling me I’m crazy? I had suffered for almost 2 years from chronic back pain. Everyone referred to it […]

My Transformational Yoga Journey

I can’t imagine where I’d be today if I let that first Yoga class stop me from ever taking Yoga again. I didn’t get it. I sure as hell couldn’t stay still. Talk about uncomfortable. What the heck does “Om” and “Namaste” mean anyway? Little did I know, that it was actually what I’ve been […]