“Freedom unfolds when you trust your body, trust yourself, and trust life.”  – Deirdra Martinez

Hello Beautiful!

My name is Deirdra Martinez and I teach people how to fully utilize the infinite potential of their body through transformational programs that train the mind to be limitless.  It all starts with energy.   Our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors emit a specific vibration that either enhances or drains your energy.  When our head, heart, and body are in alignment, our energy shifts up and we co-create an extraordinary life.  When we are not aligned, we become depleted and our body communicates through symptoms such as weight gain, depression, fatigue, digestive issues, and pain. We are all gifted with our unique beauty, power, and wisdom to have ultimate freedom and fulfillment.  I believe this comes from conscious living.  It is my mission to inspire good energy by encouraging people to tap into their highest potential and shine!

We all have a different health journey where the challenges we face open up a gateway to self discovery and evolutionary life transformation.

I was not always in shape.  I struggled with weight loss all my life. At my heaviest I was 190 pounds and my weight fluctuated for many years.  While at UCLA, I became determined to change my health.  Instead of spending money on a Personal Trainer, I decided to become one. My first job out of college was a position at the YMCA as a Healthy Lifestyle Counselor.  Within a few months I was offered a fulltime position as a Community Programs Director. This pulled me away from teaching fitness and I let my body go.  I had the typical desk job and I went back on the weight loss roller coaster.  I joined gyms (even though I worked at one), tried every diet, hired a Registered Dietitian, hired a Personal Trainer, took fat burners and water pills, purchased frozen weight loss meals, purchased home delivery weight loss meal services, the list goes on and on.  You name it…..I tried it.

I went through a period of hitting several bottoms where I found myself overweight, over drinking, and over distracted.  I cleaned up my life and joined various recovery programs.  By adopting a spiritual practice, I became  inspired to take care of myself again.  This lead me into my first Zumba class where I fell in love with fitness again and found my calling!

I didn’t just need to lose weight; I needed to change my life.  I was unhappy and that showed by the way I took care of my body.  I had to get unstuck, break free, and take action to feel and look better.  I quit the desk job and became a full time fitness instructor.  I was tired of looking externally for the solution because I learned from experience that those quick fixes were only temporary.  I made a commitment to work inward and develop a practice of strengthening my emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness. By strengthening from within, I made a shift to I get off the weight loss roller coaster and on the ride to freedom.  In the process, I read several books on fitness, nutrition, psychology, and completed training in:

      • A Masters Degree in Health Education
      • 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Certification through Yogaworks
      • Coaching Certification in Eating Psychology (Institute of Eating Psychology)
      • Training in Wellness Coaching (Wellcoaches)
      • Facilitator Certification in Breathwork Healing Meditation
      • Certification in Group Fitness (AFAA)
      • Certification in Personal Training (AFAA)
      • Pilates Reformer and Mat Training (Physical Mind Institute)
      • Certification in Zumba
      • Lactation Consultant Certification (Random…I know)

Utilizing my own personal experience, training, and skills I developed The Uplift Movement as a resource and gateway for evolutionary life transformation.  This community is a resource to sustain good energy and connect with high vibrational people so that we lift eachother UP.  This is not a cookie cutter approach to weight loss.  Instead, it is a empowering gateway to discover your own body wisdom.  Utilizing my own system, I have lost 20 pounds and kept it off.  My clients lose weight without depriving themselves of the foods they love.  We are a team.

I believe we can make our dreams come true.  I currently work with celebrity clients.  I have appeared on KTLA Morning News and FOX Good Day LA.  In addition, I appeared in Fitness DVD’s and print media such as SELF magazine.  In 2012, I was voted in the TOP 5 of LA’s Best Zumba Instructors.  That same year, I became a Bikini Fitness Competitor.  In 2013, I became an international instructor taking The Uplift Movement on tour to Sydney, Australia.

Only by transforming our lifestyle, can we transform our body.   A commitment to self-love is the missing link that allows us to travel higher towards our best selves. I am committed to helping women discover that missing link for themselves through The Uplift Movement.  Uplift, Be Fit, and Dance Through Life.