6 Tips to Sustained Fitness Motivation

Ever start a fitness program where you feel so motivated but then after the first week you lose steam and start “cheating?” You realize how hard it is. Temptation is everywhere!  Going full force in any extreme fitness program is going to be exhausting especially if you have a busy life.

So you quit.

“F it! I’ll start again on Monday.”

Then the same thing happens.

“What the hell?! What’s wrong with me?!”

Not only are we losing steam, but now we’re berating ourselves. We start to put ourselves down for not fitting the “mold” or “cookie cutter.” Now we feel stuck and motivation goes out the door. We’ve lost confidence in ourselves.

So we either go on the quest for another “perfect” diet hoping that this time it will work or we give up on even trying anymore.

Bottom line.

We’ve lost faith in ourselves (confidence) and faith in our bodies (disembodiment).

The other scenario, which I’m very familiar with as well, is that we complete a challenge or program and then can’t sustain the results! There was a vacation, an event (like a wedding), or a competition and there was a deadline! Results achieved but then what happens after???

Life gets busy, we get distracted, and we keep trying to get the same motivation we had when we first got our initial results. Our lives changed, we’re different, and now that same motivation doesn’t work anymore.

Or perhaps the motivation wasn’t deep and strong enough to create the real sustainability and fulfillment we desired.

When I run my Yoga Retreats in Tulum we always visit ancient temples. I’m in awe of how old they are and how well they are preserved. The LEGACY of the native Mayans lives on even when they’ve passed.

Think of your body as a temple. If that sounds to woo woo Yoga for you then, call it a car or a home.

When we build a temple, car, or home, we want it to be beautiful, strong, and resilient. Beauty is subjective. Some people like round temples or tall ones. Just like some people like Hondas over Corvettes. Strength comes from having structure a frame that is flexible and won’t break. The ability for this temple to last as long as it can is the ongoing care, the maintenance or the …..Preservation.

Why is the Preservation important?

Because EVERYONE in some shape or form, wants to leave a LEGACY!

Does that sound crazy?

What I learned at Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within, is that SIGNIFICANCE is a universal core human desire.   Everyone wants to feel like they’ve made a difference.

The better we preserve our energy, our health, our bodies, then the more we can do to serve the people we love.

Back in my 20s and early 30s, getting six pack abs motivated me because it was THE ONLY WAY I THOUGHT I COULD GAIN SIGNIFANCE. If I had that body, I’d have the attention of men and employers. I wouldn’t have the problem of being single or unhappy with my job anymore. I’d be happy.

The truth is, I was too scared to go any deeper. To truly share with the world the legacy I wanted to leave.

I trapped myself.

I created problems with my body so that I had a distraction.

What I’ve learned through my journey becoming a Yoga teacher is that the spirit desires to evolve and to BE FREE.  You can’t keep it quiet forever.

When we limit our spirit, we strip our body from the freedom it too desires. I know I’ve gained weight when I’ve felt stuck in a relationship or job. I’ve also gotten sick or injured from overexerting myself and not making time for self-care.

Motivation wasn’t my problem.

I believe it was a lack of Faith in myself (Confidence), Meaning (Fulfillment), Mission (Purpose), and Freedom.

So that I don’t freak you, I’m not going to go any deeper. I do that kind of work in my transformational coaching and yoga programs, which you can learn more about by booking a consultation call.  Email deirdra.g.martinez@gmail.com.

What I am going to give you are tips to help you begin the process of creating a sustainable lifestyle that will support your fitness for bigger goals in life.

  1. Create a Compelling WHY

Okay. I tricked you. At some point, you’re going to have to go deeper. If not now, then when? How much longer will you choose to be frustrated with your body, health, and life? Without judgment, write down the reasons why you get up every morning. What excites you? What are you passionate about? How does your body support this? What is the vision of your body and why does this body vision need to be in alignment with this purpose? This is foundational.  If you aren’t fulfilling your WHY then distractions will rob you of your focus.

  1. Have a Flexible Structure that is Manageable

Our lives are dynamic and we need systems to help us manage our energy efficiently. This is critical when it comes to our health. One of my biggest challenges has always been diet. I hate feeling limited on what I can eat but at the same time, if I don’t have structure, I end up eating convenient crap food. This is why I follow the 21 Day Fix Program and drink Shakeology because it puts my nutrition on autopilot. I have a shake a day that I know is healthy and loaded with nourishment and then I follow the flexible meal plan so that I always have healthy meals available. I save time, money, and energy. No more stressing about what I should or shouldn’t eat.  I get to choose foods I love with lots of exciting recipes so that food for variety.  All of which take very little time in the kitchen.  This applies to your fitness routine as well.  Schedule workouts in advance.  If you have challenges meeting those commitments than consider hiring a trainer for some structure.  Sprinkle in some joyful fun variety to mix up your activity.

  1. Develop Leadership

You are the leader of your body, health, and life. It’s easy to follow the pack but it doesn’t mean that the pack is in alignment with your goals. What do you do if you’re not hungry and your partner wants to eat? If you want to take a break from alcohol but your friends want to go happy hour? If you’re doing a cleanse but you have to travel for work? There’s always going to be something or someone challenging your commitment, desire, and truth.  We have to rise above the discomfort associated with taking action on our personal best interest.  You don’t have to feel bad for taking care of yourself.  You don’t have to wait for permission to change. This is the process of acting from your higher self. It’s like seriously being the best boss you could ever have….The boss of you is YOU!  This is where I geek out on personal development books, podcasts, workshops, and conferences.  A leader is an influencer, an influencer is a teacher, a teacher is a student, and we’re constantly learning how to be better role models.

  1. Raise Your Standards

I learned from Tony Robbins that if we’re not growing…..we’re dead. We’re meant to evolve. Growth comes from being challenged. Hitting a plateau is an opportunity to challenge yourself. This will involve breaking through limitations that have kept you in a “comfortable” state.   Have you heard the saying, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with the most?” Who you surround yourself with makes a huge impact on your own behavior. We all influence one another. Are your 5 closest people challenging your goals with unhealthy temptations or are they inspiring you by raising standards? This is your circle of influence. Chose wisely. I recommend joining a challenge, accountability, or support group that has a track record of delivering the results you want.  Warning, if it’s not making you uncomfortable…..then you’re not growing.

5.  Get a Coach, Trainer, or Mentor

It took me about 30 years of battling with diets and my body before I realized the significant impact of working with a coach.  I spent too long trying to figure it out on my own.  It was exhausting.  Invest in someone you trust to guide you through the process of creating a fitness lifestyle that you can sustain.  Coaching provides the support and accountability you need to reflect, refine, and realign. Our lives are dynamic and it takes time learning how to navigate these challenges without reverting back to old unhealthy habits.  Coaching provides more structure so that you stay consistent and health becomes a lifestyle.  I do holistic weight loss coaching and train clients in yoga.  In both situations, clients check in either over the phone, online, or in person.  I teach them health hacks to avoid stress and burnout and to promote the body’s natural detoxification system.

       6.  Do One Thing at A Time   

This is going to be a journey.  We have to start approaching fitness as a lifestyle not a 1 time 7 or 21 day program, cleanse, or challenge that is going to change our body or problems forever.  These are great to kickstart but be conscious of the intensity.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming how much cooking, working out, drinking water, meditating, etc. needs to happen in order for you to follow a system perfectly.  Consider easing into the process slowly and gaining small wins that done consistently over time will bring you large rewards.  For example, one of my clients felt used to drink tea everyday with lots of sugar.  She knew that it was too much sugar.  Over a two week period it was her practice to replace the sugary drink with a healthier alternative.  She’s been able to sustain that change for over 6 months now and her body has also been able to sustain the weight loss (disclaimer: she also trains with me twice a week).  It’s consistent baby steps instead of a sprint.

These tips take consistency and with practice  you’ll start to flow into a natural rhythm of your health, body, and wellbeing.


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