5 Re-energizing Practices for the Fall Equinox

I’ve been put in a lot of uncomfortable situations lately. From radical self-reliance at Burning Man, to being forced to move out of my apartment, and finally a recent diagnosed health condition.

Doesn’t it seem that when we have one challenge, something else comes along to rock the boat even more?! As my mother would to say, “When the shit hits the fan.”

It actually comes as no surprise. We’re actually in the middle of a universal energetic shift.

I’m referring to the Fall Equinox. It is when the days get shorter so that light and darkness are balanced. Therefore, the day and night become equal in length.

We have a strong connection to planetary shifts as we are all made of the same cosmic energy. This energy force lights up a light bulb, keeps our own heart pumping, and also keeps our universe in motion. It’s everywhere and everything.

In the northern hemisphere, we’re moving closer to darker times or longer nights. I’m feeling the pull already. It just so happens that I am going through my own energy shifts right now moving through darkness, the unknown, and fear.

But as the famous expression goes, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

What I’ve learned in my study and practice is how to work with energy so that I connect with my higher self and feel more peace, joy, and love.

How to use the Energy of the Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox is an excellent opportunity to utilize cosmic energy for our personal growth and connecting with one’s higher self.

We’re shifting towards balance and re-energizing. It’s a time where darkness will be the incubator for regeneration.

It’s the season of roots.   All root vegetables thrive in the dark soil. As such, we grow our own roots, finding nourishment in the darkness by going within. That is only possible when we connect with our inner knowing and re-establish our intentions.

This is also the time for counting our blessings. That’s why Thanksgiving falls within this season. We collect an ample harvest and store it for the dark winter.

 Here are 5 Re-energizing practices for the Fall Equinox:

  1. Write a Gratitude List everyday.

Expressing gratitude raises our positive energy and thereby attracts more good energy. You can almost instantly feel a shift in energy. Find new things to be grateful for everyday. Find gratitude in the simple and mundane. Finding gratitude in the simple and mundane will help us feel energized when we’re in darker periods.

  1. Eat Root Vegetables

Root Vegetables are very grounding. This can help you feel more present, down to earth, and connected. Try roasting some of these vegetables to bring out their natural sweetness. Some of my favorites include Beets, Carrots, and Turnips.

  1. Declutter

Energy can get stuck in a space that has clutter. Feng Shui is a popular practice that promotes clean, minimal, and simple spaces as a way to move energy within our environment.

Since this is also a period of re-energizing, a decluttered space can circulate energy. I notice that when I clean my home, new financial opportunities flow into my life.

  1. Write Your Intentions

How often do we make goals and then within days forget or disconnect with them? The problem is that we get lost or pressured into distraction. This is a time to slow down and connect with our inner knowing that guides us towards fulfilling our intention.

When we write, speak, visualize and repeat our intentions we generate more energy towards achieving it. We remember on a more consistent basis what we value and prioritize.

  1. Balance

Try this simple practice to help you move energy UP from any dark areas in your life right now were you need balance restored.

In a notebook or sheet of paper, answer the following questions:

Where in your life do you need more balance? Is it your diet? Work & family? Relationships? How do you balance giving and receiving?

Write an intention on what you will do in the next 3 months to restore balance in those areas.

Bonus. Fasting

Personally,  I like to do a 2-3 day fast around this time as it allows me to remember how to find comfort in the discomfort.  It is also a way I can tune in deeper and have a stronger connection with my intuition.  I find that I have major energy shifts when I fast that include clarity and direction.  Several religions practice fasting as a form of connection with the divine.  It’s an opportunity to discover how to feed your soul.

These practices are simple and can reap tremendous benefits when practiced as a ritual on the Fall Equinox (September 23, 2015).  When I say ritual, I mean putting intention into the behavior, being mindful, and expressing gratitude.  When we follow those steps, we raise our vibration and promote positive uplifting energy.

The uncomfortable situations I spoke of earlier in this post are already lightening up.  Not only have I moved through the discomfort, but I also feel much stronger and empowered.  I’ve found that all those challenges are truly blessings.

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