How to Trust Yourself around Food this Holiday Season

How to Trust Yourself around Food this Holiday Season

Fighting holiday weight gain is no joke.   It’s no wonder that every New Year, we’re making a resolution to take off the weight we put on during the holiday season.  Maybe we still have that extra 5-10 pounds from last year and we’re adding on even more this year!

I often hear clients say, “But I have too much going on!” This is the most common excuse I hear this time of year. We make it easy for ourselves to give up.

Do you want to create a story where you enjoy the holidays without feeling anxious around food or uncomfortable in your body?

Imagine if you could be at peace and harmony in your own skin.

When we feel overwhelmed with the belief that “we have too much going on” we don’t make the time to honor our bodies through healthy habits. Our body begins to feel rejected, unworthy, not valuable. We’re no longer working in communion with our lifelong partner.

Our bodies have a funny way of communicating with us.  It’s instinctive and primal. For instance, like when you’re nervous and you feel butterflies in your stomach.

When we’re overwhelmed it creates stress on the body.  That stress shuts down the mind, body, and soul connection. We stop listening.  We no longer understand what we need to thrive.

It feels really uncomfortable when we separate from ourselves.  If you’ve ever been in a fight with someone you love, then you know what I mean.  That time apart when you’re upset with each other?  It’s torture!

We escape the pain and numb out.  We medicate with substances like sugar, food, alcohol, work, sex, TV, social media,……I could go on and on.  Everyone has something.  My drug of choice is food.  I’m a recovering junkie. My drug of choice was French fries.

We force ourselves to get back in our bodies in the most cruel way.  Abuse.  Binging.  Checking Out.  Judgment.  Self-hate.  Criticism.  HARM. PAIN.

What we really desire is HARMONY and PLEASURE.

If we can create harmony within us, then we can create harmony outside of us. Believe in our power to make the best decisions for ourselves. When we are aligned with our best self, we are in harmony.

Trusting ourselves around food means cultivating harmony within.  It takes effort and practice.  I full heartedly believe that with practice comes progress and rising above these challenges will heal and empower us.

First, let me explain WHY you should trust your body.  Perhaps you feel like it has let you down in the past?  Maybe you feel broken and weak?  Maybe you just don’t know how.  I know I wasn’t taught.

  1. You’re alive!  It’s a freaking miracle that you exist today.  What or who made you physically transform from an infant to the person you are today?  Somehow your baby teeth knew how to fall out so that you could get stronger better teeth.  Somehow you developed a thicker stronger skull to protect your developing brain. Have you even thought about the whole digestion process?  Thank GOD I don’t have to sit for hours focusing on digesting my food.  My body does it naturally, instinctively, intuitively, magically, chemically, energetically, and electrically.  I don’t know about you, but that blows my mind.
  2. Tissue Power.  Ever heard of muscle memory?  Like once you learn how to ride a bike?  No matter how long it’s been, you can still ride it?  Our body works the same way.  No need to stress about relearning and falling.  We can trust our bodies to take care of us because it’s learned from past experience.
  3. Your Protection.  Fight or flight.   When you swerve out of the way to avoid hitting a car, it’s those natural reflexes that kick in.  Adrenaline and cortisol all shoot up to save your life. Your body is built to survive.

How does this all happen?  I believe it is divine intelligence.  It’s within all of us.

That’s some pretty powerful stuff we’re working with there.

We have to learn how to listen and work with our bodies to utilize that power that is innate within us.

These are 5 magical practices I’ve used that transformed my relationship with my body and food.  They empowered me to have better self-care and overall harmony.  It’s how I’ve learned to let go of food anxiety.  What we’re doing is opening the lines of communication.

  1. Root Down in Your Truth.  We all value something.  What do you care about the most? Chances are no matter how much stuffing we eat, it won’t satiate our real hunger which is to connect with our values & core desires (they go deeper than instant gratification).

Before you attend your holiday party, tune into your intentions, goals, values, and core desires.  Be a pioneer and lead by example.  We’re often afraid of being different.  “What if I don’t drink?  I won’t be any fun.”  How is that a fact?  In my experience (and with my clients), the realization is that people don’t care if you drink or not and if they do it’s because they’re projecting their own insecurities.

  1. Feel Gratitude for Your Body. Take time to just love and appreciate its infinite intelligence.  Like any partnership, the more we work together in harmony the more we can accomplish.  Judgment and distrust create an inharmonious relationship.  Can you think of a time you had to work with someone who made you feel horrible?  How did that affect your performance?
  2. Do breath work and move.  I love Yoga because it embodies both harmoniously.  Stretching and deep breathing release tension in the body and calms the mind. This practice is extremely centering and grounding.  Deep breathing slows down the nervous system and makes you more relaxed.  This is what is optimal for digestion to occur.  Learn to be still so you can listen to your body.
  3. Slow down. This is the time of year to actually do less.  In winter the days are shorter and the weather is cooler. It’s hibernation time.  Rest more.  Restore your body.  Tune in.  Do some creative work.  Although it feels hectic, challenge yourself to set healthy boundaries all in the honor of protecting your energy.
  4. Stay Present.  Bringing mindfulness to the dinner table allows us to savor the moment.  Focusing on whatever is happening in the moment takes us out of our heads.  Engage in the moment and turn off the voice that tells you to get seconds.  If you struggle hear, come back to that breath work.   Focus on your breathing.

These practices enhance energy.  You will feel stronger and more connected. Your body will feel appreciated and taken care of.

When I stay true to these 5 practices and I show up at the dinner table, I don’t feel stressed.  I feel present, calm, and strong.  I eat whatever I want without anxiety. I feel good in my body no matter what.  I know how to take care of myself.  As long as I continue to honor that relationship, I approach food and life with much more confidence and you will too.

One more thing.

This is a practice.  I’m not perfect, no one is.  However, learn to let go and get back to work as quickly as possible. Reconnect, restart, and reengage.


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