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How Dance Therapy Healed Me

Injured, Broken, or Bent out of Shape As fit as I am, I’ve injured myself several times. It’s no fun. In the past, injuries lead to depression and anxiety. Not this time. Recently, I got injured teaching Zumba and went back to teaching faster than I ever had in the past. Not only was I […]

Common Fat Burning Myth Revealed

It’s not the first time it’s come up during my coaching consultations. “I don’t know what’s wrong. No matter how hard I workout, I don’t sweat.” What I’m really hearing is, “I’m frustrated that I didn’t sweat because that means I didn’t burn enough calories.” Find out how to really burn more calories during your […]

How to Regain Trust in Yourself After a Binge

Emotional eating or binge eating was a symptom of a deeper issue for me.  Trust. “I can’t possibly keep bread in the house. I’ll eat the whole thing.” Sound familiar? Maybe it’s not bread, but chocolate or ice cream? During the holidays, I went shopping at Costco, where everything is sold in large quantities. The […]

How to Turn Fear into Breakthrough

I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. I was recently hit hard where it hurts…..financially. I’ve had a similar relationship with money as I had with food or men. A relationship based on Fear, Scarcity, and Struggle. The reason why I started my Sweet Surrender 8 Week Challenge of Unconditional Love was as […]

Sweet Surrender – Surviving Life After Dieting

It’s been 7 months since I stopped weighing myself and counting calories.  That’s crazy considering I was someone who used to weigh myself everyday and diet all the time.  Then my friend (who I know is brutally honest with me) said, “You look really good Deirdra, better than I’ve seen you in a long time. […]

Day 33 – 37 of Sweet Surrender. Empowering Your Autopilot

It’s week 5 of Sweet Surrender an 8 Week Journey of Unconditional Love. More than halfway in this experience, it is far from coasting. I recently heard on a podcast that we run on about 90% subconscious throughout the day. That means we’re mostly functioning on autopilot, routine, or habit. What if you’re subconscious is […]

Day 29-32 of Sweet Surrender. Consistency vs. Flexibility

We already know that success takes consistency no matter what you’re trying to achieve.   However, how do you manage to be consistent when life is always changing around us?  It’s challenging us to sometimes be flexible.  Where is the fine line of consistency and flexibility? When do you know when its time to push through […]