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How to Prevent Exhaustion & Burn Out

“The power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates it.”   –Brendon Burchard Before I got into fitness, I used to be exhausted everyday. I also wasn’t very fit, I partied a lot, and I was highly stressed. The exhaustion was just a symptom of a lot of things that were happening with my overall health. It […]

Part 2: Cravings are your Guru

Part 2 Cravings are your Guru This is a follow up to my last blog post on Part 1: “Cravings are your Guru.” What are we trying to fulfill with a craving?  What kind of relief? Is it mental? We can’t stop thinking?  We obsess?  It’s overwhelming and exhausting. What about emotional? Do you process […]

Cravings are Your GURU PART 1 of 2

“I want to be cured of a craving for something I cannot find. And of the shame of never finding it.” — T.S. Elliot My Yoga teacher recently said, “Pain is your guru.”  For most of my life I was suffering in my relationship with food and body.  Cravings were relentless, food was always available, […]

My Food Addiction and Path to Healing

That first bite was a huge release.   I could finally relax… well kind of. I’d been craving nachos for days and managed to keep avoiding them. Finally, I caved in. As quickly as I felt a sense of ease after that first bite, I instantly started to feel frustration, shame, and anger.   That voice in […]