8 Tips to Spark Your Inspiration and Get Unstuck

It’s always been challenging for me to take time off.

I don’t like disappointing my students. It’s uncomfortable to be out of my routine. I get nervous about money because I don’t make as much when I’m not physically teaching. My grandma always gets upset when I go away as if I’m leaving her forever. Those thoughts alone make it really tempting to just keep going with the daily grind.

I’d rather not cause trouble or have drama.

In my practice of Surfacing Body WisdomTM Technique, I started to pay attention to my energy and performance levels. I noticed that when I would go 2-3 months without a vacation break, I would get injured. When I would go all week without a day off, I would get sick. When I would go non-stop all day without a break, I would overeat, binge, or mindlessly snack.

Exhaustion does funny things to us. It dims our light and keeps us limited.  We are unable to perform at our best.

Our bodies communicate physically. Pain was my body’s way of telling me to rest and realign. Illness was my body’s way of telling me to detox. Overeating was my body’s way establishing a sense of control. All of which are ways we are forced to SLOW DOWN, LISTEN, AND GET BACK INTO OUR BODIES.

Little did I know that by pushing through these body symptoms, I was sabotaging my career, health, and overall success.

I had the belief that in order to feel good about myself, I had to put my own needs aside and make everyone happy. I didn’t know how to invest in my own personal development without fearing the financial set back.

It’s like a piggy bank. We have to continue to invest and add value. We then have more resources available to feel secure and give more. It’s the safety net that empowers us to make good decisions in alignment with our authentic needs. If we don’t fill our piggy bank then eventually we’ll be broke.

One of the ways I fill up is through immersion experiences with my tribe. Festivals and retreats dedicated to enhancing energy through elevated consciousness.

I just returned home from my first festival of the year, Lightning in a Bottle (LIB). It took place up north in Bradley near San Luis Obispo. Something like 30,000 people came together to participate in art, education, and play. Each day was filled with workshops on lifestyle, healing, nutrition, movement, spirituality, and personal development. During the day, I attended workshops such as Transition to Transformation, Shamanic Journey Yoga, and Conscious Business Leadership.   At night, I danced with my friends to some of the hottest DJs in the electronic music scene. It was wild, enlightening, and inspirational.


I’ve got several lined up for the year including Vipassana (silent 10 day retreat), Burning Man, Symbiosis, and a retreat to Mt. Shasta with my Spiritual group. Inspired by the magic of these experiences, I’m also hosting my own retreat in Tulum, Mexico in December.

I believe in the power of unplugging from the daily grind and distraction. These immersions and retreats open up the opportunity for inspiration to flow again by creating space to connect with our intuition.  This is what helps us move energy and get unstuck. We restore clarity, balance, and peace.

Here are 8 Tips to Spark Your Inspiration and Get Unstuck (all of which are available at a Festival or Retreat):

  1. Create Deeper Connections – When we unplug from distractions like social media, tv, etc, we can get more present and have more meaningful relationships with ourselves, others, and our planet. Relationships are teachers. We can learn much more about ourselves when we learn how to navigate and create harmonious partnerships. This is especially crucial if you are in transition and need a community or support system that is positive.


  1. Quieting the Mind – Meditation may feel foreign if you’ve never experienced it. However, it’s crucial to inspiration. The thoughts that fill our head are not always our own. They’ve been influenced by our external world. Meditation quiets the mind so we can listen to our internal world. We can hear our actual authentic voice. Our intuition. Being in nature, breath work, and yoga are all great forms of meditation that are available during these immersions.


  1. Moving the Body – I learned that Emotion is really Energy in Motion. The body tends to be a place we store unprocessed emotion. Trauma, resentment, fear, and anger effects our physiology. I’ve witnessed this in my practice as an Eating Psychology Coach. We find that people that have digestive issues tend to also have some sort of unprocessed emotion. Stagnation. When we move the body through dance and yoga we release that energy. We move that energy out of our cells, out of our bodies, and instantly feel lighter. Movement becomes a source of self-healing. These immersions also include body work such as massage and Reiki.


  1. Listen to Music – Everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. Music is a perfect example. I actually met a deaf camp at LIB. I was curious what their experience was like at a music conference such as LIB. I sounded silly as I asked, “I know the music is really loud. Can you hear it at all?” He said, “I can’t hear it but I can feel it and I love to dance!” Wow! That’s amazing. The music at these festivals is live whether it is a band or a DJ. The music is intended to take you on a journey within. The vibrations of this journey music elevate the energy of everyone in the audience. Even those that can’t hear the music. That’s incredible!


  1. Expand Your Consciousness – It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own thinking and beliefs. It’s comfortable. However, it can also keep us trapped especially if we are holding on to limiting beliefs. To expand our consciousness, means that we sharpen the saw. We study, learn, and expose ourselves to new and innovative thoughts. We become more open to the limitless opportunities that exist when we are challenged to think differently. That is what I love about these immersions. They are filled with innovative workshops and talks designed to shake us up out of our comfort zone. They inspire us to think bigger and utilize our own power to make an impact. To take personal responsibility. This too creates space for your intuition to flow as you become inspired to be open and expansive.


  1. Nourish Your Body – A large emphasis is on taking care of the body through proper rest, hydration, and nutrition. This particular event had a whole section “The Learning Kitchen” devoted to educating people on conscious eating and cooking. Some of the lectures where on “How to Love your Coffee from Seed to Cup,” “On-the-Go Breakfast Jars,” “Fermentation Fundamentals,” and “ Digestive Therapy: Our Emotional Relationship to Food.” This stuff has my name written all over it. These were all lessons on how to use food for better energy. Inspiration is again more accessible when our body is energized and nourished with the right foods.


  1. Be Creative – Inspiration comes through as we express ourselves in our own unique way. Play and exploration. These immersions provide opportunities to get creative juices flowing whether you’re painting an art project, creating a totem or dream catcher, designing a costume, or going full out in ecstatic dance (my personal favorite). Creativity is the expression of your spirit in it’s physical form.

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  1. Retreat – This tends to be the hardest step to take. Going away!   We become attached to our routines, devices, work, and relationships. We may want more out of our lives but we’re not really creating the space to manifest what we want. Unplugging and going away gives us the opportunity to fully focus on ourselves. To unwind and relax so that clarity, inspiration, and rejuvenation can all come through. I’ve had my share of retreats and festivals that were hard work in itself to simply get there. It’s almost like a rite of passage. My experiences in India, Peru, and Burning Man were all crazy. From witnessing devastating poverty, to intensely hot jungles with mutant bugs, and dust storms that could blow away a whole camp. I found myself asking the question several times, “Why am I doing this?” I’m glad I stuck it out because I had some of my biggest breakthroughs including “If I can survive India by myself…..I can do anything.”


By dedicating a few days to your personal development, you create the opportunity for inspiration to surface. Retreats and festivals are my favorite forms of re-calibration.  I always end up feeling more empowered, clear, connected, and inspired.

When I pull away from the daily grind, my body responds with more positive energy.  I radiate brighter and attract more of what is in alignment with that frequency like better job opportunities and healthier relationships.

Are you ready to take a journey?  To shift your energy higher?  Join me for a festival or retreat?  Not ready to “rough it” but want the opportunity to learn more, explore, and party?!  Message me for more detail on my upcoming retreat to Magical Tulum Mexico December 8-11 that includes meals, accommodations, movement, meditation, excursions to ancient temples, and shamanic healing rituals.  Email me at deirdra.g.martinez@gmail.com.  We currently have 4 spaces available.

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