Can Eating Fast Make you Gain Weight?

I was in shock!

The way I eat is making me hold on to fat?!

How is that possible?

I’m a healthy eater and a foodie too. It was a struggle for many years. Balance. So I decided to learn more by becoming an Eating Psychology Coach where I learned it wasn’t just about what we ate that affected our waistline. It’s also HOW we ate.

I recently wrote a blog about Chronic Stress. Certain behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs can trigger the body into a stress response mode.

Behaviors like rushed eating.

Food is meant to be delicious. If it wasn’t then we’d starve. It’s our survival mechanism to eat everything in site because back in the day food was scarce.

Now we have an abundance of food. If you’re like me, a foodie, we’re salivating all the time. I can inhale food faster than we can say Grace. Although, I have every intention of saying Grace……

Eating fast triggers survival mode. Feast or famine. The body senses stress and prepares the body for fight or flight. Blood rushes from your digestion where it’s needed to metabolize your meal efficiently, and into your limbs so that you can be ready to take action.

Digestion shuts down but we’re still eating.  That means you’re not metabolizing food properly and it could be getting stored as fat.  Again, you’re body is in survival mode now and so it’ll want to store fat!

Feel bloated after a meal? Gassy? Or Still hungry even after devouring a whole pizza?

That’s your digestions saying……”Relax!”……”Chill out!”……

Eating takes up a tremendous amount of energy. That’s why many yogi’s and spiritual teachers fast. They give their digestive tract a rest so that they have more energy.

When we multitask, like eating and driving or eating and working, we’re dividing up our energy. All that energy we need for digestion goes into thinking about 20 other things. Again, optimum digestion is compensated.

Yoga has taught me how to slow down and become more mindful of where I am triggering stress responses.

Whether I catch myself trying to shove food in my mouth between classes or eating while driving, I pause and take a few breaths.

Slow down.


When I do this practice, I pause and that moment provides an opportunity to connect.

Am I really hungry?

Do I really need more food?

Do I really want to eat that cookie?

What am I really craving?

A mindful eating practice, is for the foodie at heart. You learn how to really savor your food by using all your senses. This activates your digestion before you even take the first bite!

Mindful eating???

It’s Yoga!

Yup. No fancy arm balances for this one.

Just a simple practice of breathing and mindfulness that can activate your body for optimum vitality.

That’s Yoga.

It’s taking what we learn on the mat and applying it into our daily life.

It’s a practice.

If you’ve been a fast rushed eater for most of your life, start with small changes and choose one of these practices to focus in for just one day:

  1.  Have one meal in silence and by yourself
  2. Take 5 deep breaths before you eat
  3. Put the fork down between bites
  4. Take 3 deep breaths between breaths
  5. Say Grace before a meal
  6. Take 20 minutes (minimum) to eat a meal
  7. Wait 20 minutes before going to get seconds

Want more health hacks?!

Learn how to develop a practice of your own that will empower you on a path to freedom and self-love. Activate your physiology to perform at a higher level. Your full potential without compensating your sanity.

Join me for an 8 Week Yoga Journey starting October 10th.  Email to learn more!



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