10 Ways to Comfort a Craving without Eating

Cravings can make us feel absolutely crazy especially if we’re trying to manage our weight!cupcakecupcake

cupcakeI know how powerful they are. We all get cravings in some shape or form. Cravings themselves are actually not “bad”.   Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

Cravings tend to happen when we are tired, bored, emotional, sad, stressed, or even happy. They are basically signals to get your attention and remind you to tune into your body.

The problem is not the craving itself, but the “quick fix” we choose for relief. When we get curious about the craving we can get to the core of what we’re feeling and how to care for that emotion. It’s a little more work but it’s the best way to get off the self-sabotaging roller coaster.

Food is very grounding.   When we’re feeling emotional, stressed, or even just on high energy (like you’ve been “on” all day) we tend to be outside of our bodies. Disconnected or disembodied. Just on this constant go, go, go.

The need to get grounded stems from the energy within our root chakra which translates into being able to survive adequately in the world without being plagued by fear. When this energy field is blocked we start doubting our ability to provide for life’s necessities, including food, money, shelter, and love. It’s a fear that we are not supported.

Eating high fat and high carbohydrate foods triggers the reward system in our brain. It gives us a false sense of comfort and support.

shutterstock_205784116Comforting a craving with the Uplift Movement Approach means redirecting stress energy towards self-care.

These are 10 ways I practice:

  1. Slow Down – Doing too much and/or too fast (this includes eating) triggers the body’s stress response and increases cravings.  Slow down and get present.  Be mindful.
  2. Breathe – Helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system that makes you feel relaxed. Take 10 deep breaths when you feel a craving come on.
  3. Drink an Herbal Tea
    1. Lavender – promotes relaxation
    2. Chamomile – promotes relaxation
    3. Cinnamon – prevents cravings by stabilizing blood sugartea
  4. Take a nap – When we are exhausted and continue to “fight through” we activate more stress response. We’ll eat for more energy when really our body needs to relax. A quick nap is a great way to feel rejuvenated and reduce the craving to eat.
  5. Drink water – Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Drink at least 3 liters of water throughout the day.
  6. Get Outside – Nature is extremely grounding. Take a walk or sit outside. Notice how a few minutes of being outdoors improves your mood.
  7. Take a hot bath or shower – Being in warm water is extremely relaxing. It also stimulates the sense of touch, which is a nice alternative when we need a hug and one may not be available.
  8. Connect with a friend – Sometimes what we’re really craving is connection. Surround yourself with people that love and support you.
  9. Take a movement class – Dance, yoga, or any kind of movement releases endorphins aka “feel good hormones.”

transformation deirdra

10. Take breaks – Push through work without taking breaks can exhaust our mind and therefore weaken our “self-control” around food. Try taking breaks short 5-10 minute breaks every 45 minutes.

Are cravings making your feel out of control?  Are you ready to do something about it?  Contact me at deirdra.g.martinez@gmail.com to learn more about 1 on 1 coaching.  I also offer energy work (Reiki) to help move energy throughout your chakra system which can help with healing the root chakra.

You deserve your greatness!

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