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Look and feel your best! It’s your time now to live with energy, joy, and confidence.  Take the action steps you need now to change your life so that you can live fully and beautifully.

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Scope out my blog! It’s filled with healthy recipes, fitness tips and what to watch out for in the world! Get connected & transform your life! You’re sure to find lots of goodies here to keep you on your toes!

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Fasting For Energy

You mean not eat? Am I crazy? I love food too much! Isn’t that contradictory to what we’ve been taught about food as fuel? Energy goes beyond our physical body and includes emotions & thoughts. I was feeling out of focus and unmotivated. My eating habits started to shift towards mindless snacking and I knew […]

About Deirdra

My name is Deirdra Martinez and I am the creator of The Uplift Movement and Uplift Weight Loss Transformation Programs for women. I provide education and inspiration in the areas of fitness, diet, and lifestyle. Through my classes, retreats, and programs I have helped thousands of women transform their lives so that they feel healthier, confident, and even sexier.

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